Amy’s story

I’m 34. Six years ago I was living with my mother. It was great, I didn’t have to pay rent and there was always food in the house. I became mentally unwell and had to go Ron Hemmings for treatment. Ron Hemmings is a hospital in Goulburn. I was there for 2 years

The staff referred me to RichmondPRA and my HASI support worker, Margaret, found me a place to live where I could learn to be independent.  The hospital worked with RichmondPRA and between them, helped me find me an apartment in Queanbeyan where I was supported by RichmondPRA.

I now live in a 2-bedroom townhouse and I like it better.  It’s bigger, cleaner, nicer.  I get drop in support every day – staff help me with my medication and support me to get to work and study.  Another great thing about my townhouse: I have a backyard.  I need to get the lawn mowed as soon as I can.  I’ve got to hoe it and get dirt and compost in there, so I can grow things. I want to grow flowers, vegetables and bushes.  I especially love big red roses, yellow and purple tulips and carnations in pink, white and mauve tones.

I see mum occasionally – I can see her whenever I want.  Mum and I have dinner together and sometimes we order dinner in.  My support workers have helped me set my goals.  I’m more independent now.  I like paying my own rent and buying my own food.  There’s no problem with that.  I’m going to Aquarobics with Angie – we have classes at our local swimming centre where we’ve got an indoor and outdoor pool.  It’s pretty cold so I’m glad the class is in the indoor pool.

I work in the Work Incentive Program at the Richmond PRA office and go to TAFE 3 days a week.  I plan to finish my year 10 (equivalent) at the end of this year.  It’s good but it’s hard.  My favourite subject is English – I like reading horror stories and I’d maybe like to write them one day.   I want to do Year 11 and 12 and a certificate in Business Administration afterwards.  I’d like to get a fulltime or part-time job in an office but right now, I want to keep on working casually at the RichmondPRA office.  

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