Art promotes therapeutic benefits | South Coast Register

Thu Sep 29, 2016

Art and craft as therapeutic mediums are central to a series of local workshops being held during national Mental Health Month.

The workshops are called ‘Stories of Recovery - A Creative Journey’ and members of the Shoalhaven community of all ages and creative abilities are invited to participate.

People can explore what living with a mental health issue is and what going on a recovery journey means.

The workshops are being run by two local community-based mental health support organisations - Flourish Australia (formerly Richmond PRA) and Aftercare FACES (Family and Carer Education and Support).

Flourish Australia Manager Karina Lindsay hopes the workshops will be a success.

“Art is such a powerful medium for people to express themselves, promote a sense of hope and mix with other people, all of which are important when going on a mental health recovery journey,” she said.

“We have a qualified art therapist on hand to help participants get the most out of the workshops. 

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