Building partnerships for the health of all | Northern Daily Leader

Thu Oct 24, 2013

THE New England Partners in Recovery forum in Tamworth is aiming to put patients and carers at the centre of services and support.

The two-day conference started yesterday at the Tamworth Jockey Club and its goal is to get mental health services to partner with each other to offer customised care to those in need.

“It’s all about working together for the good of the person,” National Mental Health Commissioner Janet Meagher said.

Ms Meagher was part of the working group that designed the Partners in Recovery initiative and said it was a new way of doing what they’d always done.

“It’s about realigning our partnerships with other providers,” she said.

“We will focus on the needy person and together try to meet whatever needs they have. It is those people in the community that people cross the street to avoid, with their mental illness making them less socially acceptable. We will look at that and do whatever it takes to engage that person and have them feel a genuine part of the community in their recovery.”

Ms Meagher said they would do whatever it took to achieve those aims.

RichmondPRA chief executive officer Pam Rutledge said networking between services was being encouraged at the forum because they found, despite a lot of effort, many people with mental illness fell “through the cracks”.

Ms Rutledge said there were hundreds of people living with mental illness and not contributing to the community in the way they wanted to.

“The consumer is at the heart of it and over the two days, we’ll really work through how we can do things better and differently,” she said. “It’s about new ideas and new partnerships. We want a much clearer insight and how to engage with carers and consumers.”

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