Community Advisory Council Farewells

Fri Dec 7, 2018

At the November meeting of our Community Advisory Council we farewelled seven representatives who were first appointed in 2016 ad who saw their term on the Council come to an end.  A celebration was held to thank them for sharing their expertise, and to bid them a fond farewell.

Our CEO, Mark Orr, presented outgoing representatives with certificates of appreciation and they became part of the Council’s Alumni. In presenting the certificates, Mark commented that it was great to see how much each person had grown and progressed on their recovery journey whilst on the Council, and noted how wonderfully they have advocated for and provided support to others. The contribution they have made has definitely cemented just how important the Council Advisory Council is to everyone at Flourish Australia.

After the term on the Council finishes representatives undertake an important role helping with co-design at local sites through their Local Champion Groups and in mentoring future Community Advisory Council representatives from their area.