Community Advisory Council Meets

Community Advisory Council Meets

Tue May 3, 3016

Recently the RichmondPRA Community Advisory Council met for the first time. The meeting was at RichmondPRA’s Figtree Conference Centre at Sydney Olympic Park.

The Council is one of the organisational commitments we made in our Recovery Action Framework: “People with personal lived experience are active collaborators in everything RichmondPRA does.” It comprises 24 people who access RichmondPRA services from across NSW and South East Queensland.

The Council provides a forum for people to assist with things like

  • forward planning and service co-development
  • discussing critical and emerging issues related to service delivery
  • raising specific needs of people accessing services in the region for which they represent
  • providing information on recent and forthcoming activities in regional areas
  • consulting with people accessing the local services for important news to share with RichmondPRA

Council members also report back to people accessing the service and staff in local sites.

The Council meets formally twice a year but members will do work locally between meetings.

Its establishment is a further strong and public commitment from RichmondPRA to ensuring the voice of people with lived experience is heard and acted upon in our day to day work and service co-development.