Connecting with the homeless | The Northern Daily Leader

Thu Aug 6, 2015

ALMOST 700 people availed themselves of free food, clothing, haircuts, street swags, information and services at Tamworth Homeless Connect Day at the TRECC yesterday.

The number may seem surprising – surely there are not 700 people in the Tamworth area who are homeless? – but one of the organising committee members said the event was also for “hidden homeless” and those at risk.

RichmondPRA’s Jim Booth said the event had gone “really well”, and this was certainly borne out by the numbers.

“The Rapid Relief Team, run by the Plymouth Brethren Church, did the catering for the first time – 350 bacon and egg rolls went out in the morning, and that was before they even started on the beef and coleslaw rolls for lunch,” Mr Booth said.

“The people from Teamo gave up their day to serve up 400 or 500 cups of coffee, with goodies and the machine provided by Rotary.

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