Day in the park puts spotlight on mental health | South Coast Register (Nowra)

Wed Oct 15, 2014

A WORLD Mental Health Day event was run at Harry Sawkins Park in Nowra on Friday, featuring 15 services.

RichmondPRA Illawarra Shoalhaven manager Greg Harwood said it was the first time the event has been run in Nowra.

“One in three people are suffering from mental illness so if it’s not going to happen to you, it’s going to happen to someone you know,” he said.

“There are many people taking their life and it’s usually young men between the ages of 15-24 who are at risk.

“There are also older people that take their own life especially with the difficult economic situation.

“We are here today to raise awareness and encourage people to have conversations.

“We want to take away the stigma surrounding mental illness. It is an illness which means that it can be treated and you can live with it.

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