Farm-Link hosts suicide prevention skills workshop in Moree | Moree Champion

Tue Feb 14, 2017

A number of Moree service providers have learnt valuable skills in identifying and dealing with someone who may be at risk of taking their own life during Farm-Link’s suicide prevention skills workshop.

Seventeen service providers from Flourish Australia, Moree Area Homelessness Services, Moree Family Support, Anglicare and Homes North participated in the workshop, held at Flourish Australia, Moree on Tuesday.

Course presenter, Rachel McLay said it was a really great turn-out, with plenty of positive discussion from all participants.

“We talked about things that we can do to help a person that’s in a bad space,” she said.

“The service providers that we had along today said they learnt a lot about not being judgemental when talking to somebody; that’s something as service providers we all have to check in with ourselves about. They also learnt how to ask somebody if they’re feeling suicidal and what to say in repsonse to that, as well as lots of tips and tricks that everybody can do just to improve their own mental health and wellbeing in different areas and aspects of their life.”

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