Growing connections in our community | Manning River Times (Taree)

Fri Jun 10, 2016

BEDS of spinach, lettuce, basil, leeks and coriander flourish in Taree Community Garden. Passionfruit vine dresses the support pillars of an arbor and the tips of green in garlic rows hint of a harvest to come.

The 500 square metre block of land looks productive and with every volunteer that steps forward to water, weed and grab a feed it is cultivating support for a garden that is attracting accolades from organisations in the Manning Valley..

Bree Katsamangos planted the seed of an idea for the community garden within RichmondPRA to assist it to support its clients working on their mental health recovery journey. Her passion, skills and capacity to drive community engagement inspired organisations to support and work to create a garden that could heal, teach, connect and create community.

The Stack family gifted use of the land for a nominal fee, the Federal Government signed up its Work for the Dole participants, The Royal Botanic Gardens Community Greening Outreach backed a Taree Indigenous Development Employment idea to grow bush tucker, About Inclusion opened its doors to enable disabled clients to venture into the garden to paint a mural celebrating the diversity of our community, little hands at Little Flippers Kindergarten created a garden space to delight the young and young-at-heart, the Splinter Project built a pallet garden and MidWaste chose to use the garden to host workshops to teach people how to transform scraps to soil. It is a place of education, it is a place of community and it deserves to be celebrated and supported.

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