Homeless man given second chance after slipping through the cracks | Daily Telegraph

Tue Sep 27, 2016

GEORGIOS Galanos’ life fell apart. He found himself travelling the east coast of Australia, living out of his car.

He’d walked away from his marriage, his children, his businesses and friends after a nervous breakdown.

He said he fell through the cracks and doesn’t know how he survives.

When his car broke down in Sydney he ended up staying in a homeless shelter. Within five weeks he had found a place in Liverpool and then connected with Flowerdale Cottage.

“It opened doors for me,” Mr Galanos said.

“I was meeting people and socialising and had help filling out paperwork.

“It was a big weight lifted.”

Mr Galanos said he found his sense of purpose and would wake up knowing he had somewhere to go.

“It provided me with stability and a routine,” he said.

“And I’ve been able to get involved in art therapy here.

“I did a lot of painting when I was homeless but I destroyed probably 300 pieces because I got angry I didn’t have anywhere to put them.”

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