Homelessness support | Bega District News

Tue Aug 11, 2015

HOMELESSNESS can take on many forms.

It could be a young person living on friends’ couches or a woman and her children fleeing a violent household.

Just because there may be no visible signs of homelessness in the Valley, it is still occurring, says Mission Australia.

“Unfortunately, if it isn’t in your face people often assume there isn’t homelessness,” Mission Australia’s Candice Morrell said at a sausage sizzle held in Littleton Gardens, Bega, on Friday, August 7 for Homelessness Prevention Week.

Mission Australia held the barbecue in conjunction with RichmondPRA, the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW, Grand Pacific Health and South East Women and Children’s Services (SEWACS) to raise awareness of homelessness in the community.

Ms Morrell said they had spoken to at least 30 people in the first hour on the day and at that rate she expected the organisations would talk to at least 100.

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