Jamming out to improve mental health | South Coast Register

Tue Jun 26, 2018

People with mental health issues, mental health professionals and mental health students are banding together to drum up a perfect storm in Nowra, all in the name of mental health recovery.

Initiated by Flourish Australia peer worker and Nowra resident John Willans, the jamming initiative uses music as a creative outlet, and also encourages people who are isolated to form better social connections.

A mechanic by trade and living with bipolar disorder, John has frequently turned to guitar and drums over the years to express himself and find senses of meaning and achievement.

John is now a qualified peer worker, with the role of helping people with mental illness to recovery through his own personal experiences.

To do this, John is drawing on the magic of music as a healing quality. He has invited people with mental health issues to ‘jam’ on a regular basis at Flourish Australia’s headquarters in Nowra.

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