Jane Miller - Community Arts Coordinator

Dedicated to bringing out the best in people, our Community Arts Coordinator Jane Miller inspires others to grow and build self-confidence by expressing themselves through art; and in the process, connect with others and find joy!
Jane Miller - Community Arts Coordinator

Bringing Joy; Creating Change

Jane approaches the Community Arts program with genuine understanding and compassion for those who access Flourish Australia’s services.  She plays an important part in providing opportunities for people to experience a real sense of achievement and purpose through creating something that will be displayed in the workplace or at a community event.  This in turn, takes what we do at Flourish Australia, out into the wider community; promoting mental health awareness and inclusiveness.

By openly sharing her professional knowledge and her own personal experience of pushing forward through difficult times, Jane is not only an encouragement to those she comes alongside in her own work, but a role model for women in leadership and in workplaces everywhere.  She connects with people naturally; balancing the necessary strength and determination to make things happen, with warmth, kindness and a sense of humour which helps everyone around her to feel at ease.

Jane’s passion for art is infectious and shines through to everyone she comes into contact with, Jane says “through art we are given the ability to explore and experiment, to be playful and have fun. To see what is possible and discover we are truly capable”.

Among the many wonderful initiatives that Jane has opened doors to over the years are; The 2016 & 2017 International Women’s Day Art Exhibitions; Another Door Opens Art Awards Exhibitions; 2014 Blue Fringe Exhibition; the 2013 KidStuff Gift Tag Art Workshop and Hopeful Voice Art Exhibitions in Western Sydney to name a few.

Jane Miller is a wonderful example of a women who has worked hard to get to where she is today and now shares her story, her talents and her time generously, to empower others to get to where they want to be in their own life.

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