Jo's story

Being part of a cooking group gives me a real sense of feeling connected to the community

I’ve been with Flourish Australia for a little over two years now. During this time I have made lots of friends. People would describe me as friendly, with a cheeky laugh, trustworthy and reliable, funny and good to be around. I like to visit my friends too. I look after my son and do activities with Flourish Australia. I also look forward to seeing my daughter on a monthly basis.

I feel more connected to my friends, family and community now. My physical and mental health is much better, so I am more comfortable in my home, and not needing to go out all the time. When I go down the street, I am no longer paranoid, and I enjoy going out a lot more. I also love swimming, playing tennis, playing pool, going to coffee group and cooking group.

I’m pretty active, and this has really been a big part of getting ‘me’ back. The Transformers Group is also very educational, and beneficial for coping with daily obstacles and overcoming things. This is a group that is peer-worker led, and made up of people who access the service. During this group time we discuss things we would like to put on our Monthly Activities Calendar, like the quarterly health promotions which I find really interesting. I participated in National Disability Day by playing in a basketball team.

This year I’m starting a parenting course in order to help me get my daughter back. I’m looking forward to seeing my sister who is coming down in September from Queensland. I’m also looking forward to saving enough money to buy a car as I now have my driver’s licence.

I have learnt that I’m capable of doing things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do, such as obtaining my license, getting my son back, and leading an aqua aerobics group. I have grown, learnt new things and now I’m doing things I like. I have a real sense of belonging and feel part of a group.

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