Kim Jones - Project Officer, Inclusion

Renowned for her organisational prowess, Kim Jones carved out a career in administration management and mental health and disabilities services, prior to joining Flourish Australia 12 years ago.
Kim Jones - Project Officer, Inclusion

A compassionate approach to going after life goals

Renowned for her organisational prowess, Kim Jones carved out a career in administration management and mental health and disabilities services, prior to joining Flourish Australia 12 years ago.   From a young age, she felt a yearning to support others in some way and today, her work with the Community Advisory Council and as Project Officer, Inclusion is all about achieving inclusion for her Peer Workers and people accessing Flourish Australia services.  Over the years, she has enjoyed providing assistance while working alongside strong women who are leaders in their field, such as Julie McCrossin, Janet Meagher AM and Fay Jackson.

While she is proud of her personal achievements, Kim says “If I can do it, anyone can do it,” and views their true value as being a means of opening the eyes of others to what might be possible for them.  Among her own career highlights, she presented two Peer Work papers at the 2016 TheMHS Conference, completing a project management course, coordination of the Recovery in Action Roadshow 2016/17 and Event and Focus Coordination.

Her lived experience has given Kim an innate understanding of what many people go through, on a personal level, and impressed upon her how important it is to find the courage to ask for help.  Her empathetic way of relating communicates clearly to others, that there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed by what they have lived through. Speaking with compassion, from a place of personal experience, she is able to assure them that everyone will encounter some such challenge at some stage of their life - an important step toward feeling supported and not alone on their journey.

“I have learned that being really honest about my life experience can be so powerful.  Just knowing that someone else has experienced what you are living with can be so freeing.”  Kim says.

Kim knows what it means to go after goals in life.  Having managed a medical centre, a respite care home and Disability Supports for the Department of Education, she achieved her every career goal. Looking to the future, she is interested in a counselling course and doing further research into managing mental health through exercise and nutrition; inspired by the positive effects that making changes to her diet and fitness regimens had in her own experience of dealing with anxiety and depression.

Finding fulfilment in the support of others pursuing their own life goals, Kim’s life aspiration is simply to be happy.  This is something she experiences day to day through engaging with so many different people around co-designing services and seeing them grow more confident and accomplished.   Each day brings new learnings and broader experience as she assists her professional mentor – General Manager, Inclusion Fay Jackson – in working tirelessly to support the people she advocates for.

Playing a part in many heart-warming success stories over the years has given Kim both valuable experience and precious memories.  She feels it is vital for young women to hear the stories of what other women have endured and achieved, both personally and professionally, to pave a new way forward.

Learning about gender equality for the first time during the 1980s helped Kim to become more confident in finding her own voice when first entering the workforce.  What she learned, empowered her to speak out about injustice against women when she encountered it in the workplace and she experienced the satisfaction of seeing things change.

Letting other women know they can be heard and that there are people to support them when they need it as they make their way through life is what she has gone on to make her life all about.

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