Lisa Story

What I love about being part of Flourish Australia is that, right from the very top and all the way through the organisation, each and every person is regarded as significant and valued for their contribution. Mutual respect and collaboration is how we all keep going and continue to grow.

As the Sales and Marketing Manager for Flourish Australia’s Prestige Packaging Community Business my role is to source projects for our two Sydney packaging warehouses in Harris Park and Marrickville. Day-to-day I’m in contact with clients like 3M Australia, Commonwealth Bank and Model Co, taking briefs for any new packaging work they may require and preparing competitive quotes. 

Since I started here 6 ½ years ago, I’ve been able to bring in a much wider variety of work, so I’ve seen the supported workers grow in their skills, confidence and abilities.

I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built with clients. They value our advice, trust our judgement and depend on us to resolve problems for them by coming up with the most efficient and cost effective packaging solutions for their needs.  In some cases, we started out just doing a few small scale trials for a company and have become their major supplier.

It’s rewarding to see the community businesses thriving and it’s all thanks to the backing of our amazing teams at Marrickville under Warwick and Harris Park under Mihaela. They consistently deliver a high quality result and never miss a deadline! Clients frequently compliment us on the quality of our work but for me, seeing the smiles on the faces of our supported workers when I tell them about the different jobs we have coming in is what makes the work I do seem so worthwhile. 

We’re a close-knit team. We have to be to get the job done when we’re under the pump.  I’ll roll up my sleeves when necessary and do my bit out on the floor to get an order out on time.  My colleague Justin is my absolute go-to. We work well together because he appreciates that I’m the one who will analyse and strategise the best way to go about a project, whereas he’s the one who will just make whatever needs to happen, happen, on the production side of things. Our new CEO Mark Orr is fabulous too. He has a lot of compassion and it’s wonderful that he makes time to come out and see what the sites contribute to Flourish Australia. 

I wasn’t always in sales and marketing.  I trained in nursing and enjoyed working with a Sydney Opthalmologist before moving to New Zealand for 15 years, where I worked at an eye hospital and with another private Opthalmology practice. When I came back to Australia, I moved into sales as the National Sales Manager for a contact lens company.

By this stage in my life, I had young kids and my Dad was unwell, so I made a lifestyle decision to move closer to him in The Blue Mountains regain a work/family life balance by working from home.

I hold a Cert IV in Sales and a diploma in Business Management and because of my strong accounting and admin skills, a friend asked me to work at her advertising agency where I learned a lot about marketing. Then once the kids were in high school, I took on a full time role in disability with a local organisation known as DARE. Some years later, when I was told about a sales role with Flourish Australia, I felt ready for a move to a larger Not For Profit organisation and back to the city, to expand my horizons.

Working in an environment that can be quite fast paced and physically demanding has made me realise the importance of having good health and maintaining a work/life balance.  I make it my business to make sure everyone working in our team is coping and comfortable with what they are doing.  I want them to know that if they’re not, we can work together to find a way forward and keep the team strong.  I think for many of the people who work here, being fully engaged with hands-on production and enjoying the social interaction and camaraderie is an important part of their recovery.

Keeping us all motivated is an un-sung hero over at Harris Park who I would like to acknowledge. Mihaela’s dedication and perfectionism is an inspiration. No matter how busy things get, if I go to her with an urgent job, she will always say “don’t worry, we’ll make it happen.”  My gratitude goes out to Mihaela and our entire team whose hard work delivers above and beyond what I’m out there selling. We all believe in each other and each of us knows the others have our back.  Having that trust in one another is how we’ve brought the business this far.

I’m satisfied with what I’ve accomplished in my life so my personal growth goal has more to do with giving back. I’d like to work with a volunteer kitchen like Loaves & Fishes, which I tried once and thoroughly enjoyed. I do hope to complete more studies and I want to become a wiz at Excel.

I’ve decided that this will be my year of adventure and have my sights set on travel to Alaska.

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