Match and Host information for IIMHL Leadership Exchange 2017 “Contributing Lives, Thriving Communities”

Title of Match: Recovery, Wellbeing and Citizenship

Brief Description

The match will take a holistic approach to people claiming their full citizenship through education, training, employment, physical health, emotional well-being, self-agency, partnerships and community participation.

Co-facilitated by Fay Jackson (General Manager, Inclusion, Flourish Australia and Deputy Commissioner, NSW Mental Health Commission) and Pamela Rutledge (CEO, Flourish Australia), the match will include short presentations on innovative practice (from a range of service providers) in each of these areas and sharing of the work RichmondPRA is offering in consultancy and training work to corporate workplaces, the public and private sector services about supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their staff.

Participants will be invited to share their practice experience in any or all areas. The match will produce a Guide to critical success factors for organisations to support full citizenship, for people to lead contributing, proud lives that are meaningful and purposeful and to produce workplaces that are focused on the wellbeing for their staff. Brief description about how the match links to the theme: ‘Contributing lives, Thriving Communities’.

The match will address both the individual and community levels of the theme, through examples of innovative service delivery, community engagement, growth in quality workforce and presentations of people’s experience of recovery, well-being, reclaiming citizenship and going on to realize the full potential of individuals, workplaces and communities. Flourish Australia, Pamela and Fay believe that services will only provide what people need to flourish if they work together being generous with their information and support of each other.

Other comments

Figtree Conference Centre is a social enterprise of Flourish Australia, providing employment and training in the hospitality industry for people with a lived experience. Figtree will provide match participants with a unique event experience to enhance reflection and learning. Sydney Olympic Park is about 1 hour from Sydney Airport or the CBD. It is accessible by public transport (train and bus). Parking is available at Figtree Conference Centre.

Pamela Rutledge has been a contributor to major service reforms in mental health and public administration over many years (including the Richmond Inquiry) as well as living a lifetime of commitment to improving the lives of people with psychosocial disability.

Fay Jackson is one of the foremost Lived Experience Advocates in Australia, she is a multi award winning speaker and leader in mental health.

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