National Mental Health Survey Key findings September 2016

Research study into the attitudes of Australians towards mental health for World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2016.

About this study

This research study was commissioned by Flourish Australia and conducted by Review Partners Pty Ltd as part of Flourish’s involvement in Mental Health Month / Day 2016.

Flourish wanted to understand the current status of Australians attitudes towards mental health and how they have changed in recent years. In particular it wanted to know:

  • How well can Australians recognise a mental health issue in themselves and in others?
  • What are their attitudes toward people with a mental health issue?
  • How confident are they about taking action in relation to themselves or others in relation to mental health?
  • ŸHow do Australians feel about the World Health Day concept of psychological first aid?

The survey was conducted in the first two weeks of September 2016 by Review Partners Pty Ltd among a sample of the 1000 people selected using a commercial online panel and stratified to match the most recent ABS demographics of the Australian population according to gender, age and location. (The sample characteristics are shown in the table below.)

This sample size provides an approximate theoretical margin of error of 3%, which means that there is a 95% likelihood that the results would be the same if the entire Australian population responded to the survey. However, it is important to recognise that the margin of error will be greater if comparisons are made within a subset of the overall sample.

Consequently, any conclusions derived in this report are all outside the theoretical margin of error and consequently are statistically likely to describe actual differences between sub-groups and attitudes.

Review Partners staff are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) membership and are bound by professional codes of behaviour.