Panorama 66

Issue #66 December 2017

People share their stories of mental health recovery in work and life.


Founded in 1996 in one of Flourish Australia’s predecessor organisations (PRA), Panorama has grown to become a lifestyle magazine dedicated to informing and encouraging the recovery journey of readers.

Panorama is written, designed and produced almost entirely by people with a lived experience of mental health issues.


4-5 Phillip Plackett: a champ at work
6-7 Beverley’s Musical Mission
8-9 Life and Fashion Trans-Tasman Transgender
10-11 Recovery story: Backyard Breakthrough
12 Emma goes back to work
13 Extract from “Maze of Mind”
14-15 Three years after YPOP: A different person
16-17 What we did at the 2017 TheMHS Conference
18 What did we say at TheMHS and IMHC?
19 ADE Outplacements
20 Go to the Snow
21 Untouchables: sexual intimacy among people with mental health issues
22 What to do about sexual problems relating to medication
23 Flying high…into drama
24 Poster from Hepatitis NSW
25 Panorama Online is live!
25 Broken Hill headspace
26 Resolve Program: A first in Australia!
27 Wellness Walk 2017
28-29 Another round with an old adversary (by Ken Hua)
29 “Brushes with Life 2017” ad
30-31 Events of Mental Health Month 2017
32-33 Flourish Australia stall at the Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout
34-35 Exciting things about Figtree Conference Centre (by Sue O’Rourke)
35 Becoming a Mental Health Worker: From refugee to YPOP manager
36-37 Recovery is real: Dr Daniel Fisher brings a message of hope for everyone
38 Changes in mental health commissions
39 Poem: My Protector
39 Mental Health First Aid goes to Queensland boarding school
39 Mark Orr to be our New CEO from 2018
40 Moneyrama: Money–Go–Round
41 The Art Behind Eating
42 Why YPOP hits the target
43 The Art of Recycling
44 Employment & You
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