Panorama 67

Issue #67 March 2018

People share their stories of mental health recovery in work and life.


Founded in 1996 in one of Flourish Australia’s predecessor organisations (PRA), Panorama has grown to become a lifestyle magazine dedicated to informing and encouraging the recovery journey of readers.

Panorama is written, designed and produced almost entirely by people with a lived experience of mental health issues.


Cover: Emeritus Community Advisory Council member Michael Wren
3 Meet Mark Orr
3 A Snapshot of Flourish Australia
4 Flick Grey: Globe Trotting Mad Studies Academic
5 Michael’s Road to Recovery
6 Expressing Creative Minds
7 Ariel: The Value of Writing
8-9 Going from a Mental Health Diagnosis to Mental Health Nurse of the Year
10-11 Unmarked graves in Gladesville Psychiatric Hospital’s Cemetery
13 Sarah: ‘To help others as I have been helped’
14 Confidence is something you learn to DO
15 Kerala, Kochi & Coconuts: Panorama TRAVEL with Edwina Keelan
16 Can$ for Ca$h
17 Au revoir, Pam
18 Janet Meagher AM: Honoured
19 Shane’s story: Repairing and Rebooting his Life Four Page ACTION recovery conversations detachable supplement
21 ACTION: Anybody can change a tap washer
22 ACTION: Dressing to Feel Good
23 ACTION: The Social Age
24 ACTION: Moderation at Mealtime
25 “Your Voice Matters” with Dr Dan Fisher
26 Life and Fashion - Part two
27 Steve the Worker Bee
28 More Than Being Medicated: The Hierarchy of Need
29 Treasure Hunt 2017
30 ConnectFest 2017
31 AGM 2017
32 “Bling a Bra”
33 Queanbeyan Mindfulness Group
34 What is Mindfulness?
35 Patricia Goes on a Retreat
36 Sleep Well for Recovery
37 Is Obesity a Disease?
38 Our lower life expectancy “driven by neglect”
40-41 Climbing the Ladder
42 Working to Live
43 Get it Through the Grapevine

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