Panorama 69

Issue #69 September 2018

People share their stories of mental health recovery in work and life.


Founded in 1996 in one of Flourish Australia’s predecessor organisations (PRA), Panorama has grown to become a lifestyle magazine dedicated to informing and encouraging the recovery journey of readers. Panorama is written, designed and produced almost entirely by people with a lived experience of mental health issues.


Cover: Cheryl and Melissa from Flourish Australia, Penrith doing a spot of gardening with Isabelle and Mel from Bunnings. Full story pages 16-17.

4 Joanne Q’s choices for success.
6 Leanne, sole survivor
10 Naricah Smith: my role as an Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing worker.
11 Workplace inclusion award for Flourish Australia, Tamworth
12 Princess Moments at the Leeton Op Shop Debutante Ball
14 Bouncing Back
16 Big Backyard Bonanza with Bunnings and a Barbecue
18-19 Above and Beyond: Caring for Loved Ones with Serious Disability
20 Whispering loud and clear: Flourish Australia at the TheMHS conference in Adelaide
22-24 NAIDOC 2018: Because of her we can

ACTION Recovery Conversations pull out section
25 What I see, hear and believe: Challenging our perceptions + The lessons of experience
26 Mental Wellbeing: Cultivating wellness + Wheel of Wellbeing
27 Health Information: Information about medicine and travel
28 Keeping yourself safe: Going out at night
30-31 Recovery at Harris Park
31 Development of new Physical Health website
32 Understanding LGBTI health and wellbeing
33 How Flourish Australia welcomes LGBTI people
34 Outings: Good times at the Medieval Fayre
35 Travel with Edwina: Wellington, Te Papa Tongarewa
36 Keeping people safe without using force
37 MONEYRAMA: How to slash your energy bills
38-39 Advocacy within Flourish Australia

40 Tai Chi for physical health and wellbeing
41 A three pronged attack on diabetes
42 New deals for meals, healthy fruit and veg box
44 Women’s health a priority at Windsor
45 The difference between goals and dreams
46 “Peer Work in Australia: A new future for mental health” book launched

47 Water Work: an employment pathway that will have you in the swim
48-49 Jobs in the field of the law
50-51 Driving Buses

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