Panorama February 2019

Monthly Issue February 2019


Founded in 1996 in one of Flourish Australia’s predecessor organisations (PRA), Panorama has grown to become a lifestyle magazine dedicated to informing and encouraging the recovery journey of readers. Panorama is written, designed and produced almost entirely by people with a lived experience of mental health issues.


Cover (L-R): Nicole, George, Hirole, Esther, and Erynne at Surry Hills Recovery Forum. PHOTO PROVIDED BY PETER FARRUGIA

4-5 Dr Jeffrey Chan asks: Can we end restraint and seclusion in Australia?
6 Figtree Conference Centre wins Inclusion Excellence Award
7 Report recommends homeless people be forced to have treatment
8-9 Mel’s self-advocacy against employment discrimination
10 Young People’s Formal Project

ACTION Recovery Conversations
4-page pull-out section
11 ACTION A Looking After My Home: One rule to clean them all!
12 ACTION B Looking After Myself: Are diet soft drinks really a better option?
13 ACTION C Interests and Activities: Some alternatives to killing time
14 ACTION D Physical Health: Creative expression can do wonders for your health
16 Learning to become a peer worker at Cranebrook Resolve by Tanja Rac
17 Ken Hua Heart Attack Part 2: The Chairman counts his blessings
18 Recovery Forum at Surry Hills: Doing it for ourselves
19 MONEYRAMA: Decluttering for Dollars
20 Health to-do list for a great Summer

Panorama Employment
22 My Scanner Has Become My Best Buddy! by Tricia H
23 Employers are crying out for PUNCTUALITY

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