Panorama January 2019

Monthly Issue January 2019


Founded in 1996 in one of Flourish Australia’s predecessor organisations  (PRA), Panorama has grown to become a lifestyle magazine dedicated to informing and encouraging the recovery journey of readers. Panorama is written, designed and produced almost entirely by people with a lived experience of mental health issues.


Cover Buckingham House members learning to surf at Bondi. See full story on page 10 PHOTO BY KRISSY GRAM

4-5 Mozzy and Donna
6-7 Got a complaint? Here’s how to give it some impact
8 Social Citizenship Think Tank: Let’s take it up to the next level
9 Welcome Here!
10 RecLink Sponsors Surfing Group at Bondi Beach

ACTION Recovery Conversations
4-page Pull-out section
11. House and Home: Keeping Important Documents
12 Meals and Shopping: Food that KEEPS Saving your money, saving your health and saving planet
13 Managing Money: Are YOU serious about ‘culture change?’
14 Income and Entitlements: Is being on the Disability Support Pension less stable than ever?
16-18 Stories from Brumby House
19 Change Challenge and Growth
20 Community Advisory Council and Co-Design
21 All inclusive Co-Design by MIchael Wren
22 Back On Track Health: Passing out or fainting
23 EMPLOYMENT PANORAMA Electricians, Electronics and Communications Tradespeople

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