Paula Hanlon - Hope Restored, against all odds

The stories of women like Paula Hanlon are a living testimony to the power of bringing hope, as espoused in the vision and values of Flourish Australia.
Paula Hanlon - Hope Restored, against all odds

Today an accomplished professional and advocate for mental health reform in Australia, Paula has and still wrestles with a lived experience of a mental health issue. Facing the trauma that impacted on her life as a child through to adulthood has given her a strength, understanding and empathy for others who struggle.

Accessing the right supports at the right time with the right people engendered in Paula a sense of hope and possibility.

Today, Paula is employed as the Manager, Consumer Services for Ryde Community Mental Health Service. Paula has contributed in many ways to mental health reform and service development over the course of her career, including working for the Mental Health Association of NSW and New Horizons Enterprises.

Paula’s unique insight has proven invaluable to the Australian Council on Health Care Standards in reviewing health services across Australia. Paula is a Board Member of Flourish Australia, has been a member of the NSW Mental Health Commission’s Community Advisory Council and was Chair of the NSW Mental Health Workers Committee.

Like so many of the women who have accessed services over the years, Paula has gone on to make a positive difference in the lives of others through her work and has supported many other people with a lived experience of a mental health issue to thrive.

Drawing on her personal experience, with such a commitment to the wellbeing of others, Paula’s story is an encouragement to women everywhere as we press for progress in mental health services.

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