Teaming up to tackle men’s mental illness | Northern Daily Leader

Thu Jun 12, 2014

Chief executive officer of RichmondPRA Pamela Rutledge writes to implore readers to seek help for those living with mental illness. 

Let’s zero in on what we might call an “average bloke” from the New England. 

We’ll call him Tom. 

Tom suffers a serious physical injury – a broken leg while playing footy. Tom goes to the doctor. There are x-rays, then surgery. 

There’s time off work to recover and medications to manage infection and pain. Then there’s physiotherapy and an exercise regime to get everything back to normal.

Tom’s family and mates all ask how his leg is. No one’s awkward talking about it. 

But what if Tom is suffering a mental illness? 

Maybe he has unexplainable pangs of depression or anxiety, serious mood swings, feelings of being out-of-sorts, a sense that life is too much. He might be drinking too much. There might be thoughts of suicide. 

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