Ulladulla community seminar out to help people deal with grief and loss | Milton Ulladulla Times

Wed Apr 27, 2016

Coming to terms with the loss of loved ones, traumas and changes in lifestyle and associated grief will be the centrepiece of a free Ulladulla open community seminar aimed at overcoming loneliness and social isolation.

Grief and loss, which can come about through the passing of a loved one or through divorce, family breakdown, mental illness or disability or even unemployment, affects many in our community.

“All too often people experience grief without any support and our seminar aims to create effective community networks and strategies to help people in a time of real need,” Linda Gilroy, Manager of RichmondPRA Ulladulla said.

The free community seminar “Understanding Change, Loss and Grief”, will be held in the Ulladulla Civic Centre on Monday, May 23 between 1pm and 4pm and is the prelude to a two-day cross agency training session. 

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