Workers in Mind forum | Manning River Times (Taree)

Wed Oct 28, 2015

WORKERS in Mind is coming to Taree for the third year running.

Fay Jackson, general manager Inclusion with RicmondPRA and deputy commissioner of the NSW Mental Health Commission, will talk about ways to support and manage mental health in the workplace.

Fay, who recently appeared on the ABC’s Q and A program as a panellist, is a passionate advocate for mental health and the talk promises to be a lively event.

Statistics say that approximately one in every five people will experience mental health issues in any 12 month period.

“We lose a lot of money in Australia to lost productivity due to mental health issues in the workplace,” Fay said, adding that it was important for the economy and individual employees and employers to be supported in their wellbeing.

“We need to support and understand how to create workplaces that are less likely to create problems for people,” she said.

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