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Building better workplaces

Passionate about raising mental health awareness in the workplace, we give businesses the tools to build better work environments, through specialised training workshops, leadership mentoring and implementation of peer support or programs.

A mentally healthy workplace 

Business investment in mentally healthy workplace practices returns on average, $2.30 for every dollar invested. 

We can give your business the tools needed to foster a positive and healthy working environment which will improve staff morale, engagement and productivity and contribute to reducing conflict, complaints and even workers compensation claims.  

Our workplace mental wellbeing workshops

We have developed a series of 4 workshops which provide training specifically for managers and for staff. Designed to promote workplace mental health and enhance productivity, each covers a key aspects of a safe and healthy workplace, including:

  • Fostering mental health in the workplace
  • Managing anxiety in the workplace
  • Building resilience
  • Improving self-awareness

Each workshop is a two-hour session; and 3 workshops can be facilitated in one full day session.

Leadership mentoring and consultancy

Staff support plans are most effective when championed by the business leaders so we equip them with the knowledge needed to manage staff with mental health issues appropriately. Mentoring sessions can be conducted one-on-one or with small groups and provide practical insight, relevant to specific sectors and industries, to matters including duty of care, boundaries, reasonable adjustment and effective ways to handle situations.

Building capacity – our peer supporter program

Peer supporters come alongside their co-workers amid changes in the work environment

Implementation of a peer support or program can facilitate early intervention in situations where workers may be at risk of experiencing high levels of anxiety or psychological distress.

We support businesses to build capacity by training individuals within the organisation to operate as empathetic peer supporters.  A peer supporter provides access to relevant information and resources as staff issues are identified, before they become big problems. By encouraging staff to seek guidance from a colleague they can relate to, in a less formal way than they would access support through an EAP or HR, this approach is more likely to reach employees who may not otherwise speak up or ask for help.

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