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I would like information about NDIS

Flourish Australia is where mental health & wellbeing thrive. We are NDIS specialists and leaders in recovery-focused mental health services and support.

This scheme has changed the way disability services operate in Australia.

Under the NDIS, funding is given directly to the person who needs support instead of to the organisation that provides the support.

This gives you the power to choose what assistance you require.

If you have a severe and persistent physical or psychosocial disability, or mental illness, you may be eligible

A psychosocial disability means that a person's mental health issue has had a significant and ongoing impact on their life, to the extent that it impairs their ability to do everyday things and participate in the community.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, this funding is available to you, for your lifetime.

Accessing NDIS

There are rules governing who can access the NDIS and what the funding can be spent on.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has been set up by the Australian Government to assess your eligibility.

We can help you to get things started with the NDIA.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, an NDIA Planner will meet with you to discuss your needs and goals, then develop a plan and funding package with you.

We can help prepare you for this planning meeting so that you can be confident your plan will meet your needs.

We can also support your family, carers and friends when they have questions or concerns about the NDIS and what it means for their loved one.

In complex situations, we can work with you and your other service providers to achieve a coordinated approach.

Read our NDIS frequently asked questions

Our NDIS services

Flourish Australia is a registered NDIS provider.

This means that once you have your NDIS funding package, you can use it to purchase support service from us, in accordance with your approved plan. 

We are leaders in NDIS services for people with psychosocial disability and these are just some of the things we can support you with:

  • Making friends and connecting with your community
  • Managing day-to-day tasks
  • Finding a home
  • Taking care of your health and wellbeing
  • Accessing education and training
  • Finding the right job for you

Our people and NDIS

Our approach to supporting you is different because almost half of the people we employ have had their own lived experience of mental health challenges and many of them make up our peer workforce.  They get it, because they have been there, so they’re able to come alongside you with genuine understanding and insight.

Who better to help you navigate the NDIS?

Not eligible for NDIS?

Whether or not, you are eligible for the NDIS, we have support services you can access, like the National Psychosocial Support Measure.

We can also connect you with other options available in the community.

For more information, contact us on 1300 356 874 or make an enquiry now.

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