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For health professionals

800,000 Australians annually, experience a mental health issue which can have major life-long impacts. We are here to help with the specialised services needed to support their recovery.

Your first call for mental health matters

We are Australia’s leading provider of mental health services, with 64 locations across NSW, ACT, South East Queensland and Victoria.

Our services are comprehensive and our proven approach is highly personalised because each person’s experience will be different and their needs, as an individual, are unique.

We start by fully understanding their strengths, the challenges they face and what flourishing looks like for them.

Together we set goals, then we connect them with the right people, support services and opportunities to meet their needs.

Coming alongside people, as well as their carers and chosen health professionals, is what we do best!

A key Flourish Australia service is providing specialised psychosocial and mental health support for people who are eligible for the NDIS.
Whether or not the person you support is eligible for the NDIS, we have support services they could access, like the National Psychosocial Support measure. We can also connect them with other options available in the community.

Our mental health peer workforce

We employ Australia’s largest peer workforce because we believe that peer support is foundational to mental health and wellbeing.

The cornerstone of our approach is one-to-one mentoring with peer workers, who can empathise and share their inspiring stories purposefully, with practical insight, because they have experienced their own mental health challenges.

Everyone who works at Flourish Australia is dedicated to providing people experiencing mental health issues with the day-to-day support and encouragement they need to create a rewarding life for themselves in their community.

When you seek support for someone, you can be certain that they will receive the best possible support for their specific needs!

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