Mental Health A-Z

Family and support people/supporters

“Family and support include family members, partners, friends or anyone whose primary relationship with the person concerned is a personal, supportive and caring one.” A national framework for recovery-oriented mental health services: Policy and theory (2013)

First responders

Personnel who first intervene or respond to a crisis, such as paramedics, police and fire‑fighters.

Forensic order

A legal authority to detain a person in a mental health unit or a high security setting. The court may make a forensic order when a person is mentally unwell and unable to stand trial following an offence, or was mentally unwell at the time of the offence.

Forensic Services

Mental health services that work with people who are mentally unwell and who have been through the criminal justice system. Generally, forensic mental health services comprise forensic inpatient units, juvenile forensic services, community services, and prison, court assessment and liaison services.