Angela- My persistence paid off, achieving a win-win care arrangement

I could cry when I think about how much Jane, from Flourish Australia’s Disability Employment Services, supported me. Jane was beside me all the way as I went the hard yards to achieve the outcome I wanted. 

Flourish Australia’s whole approach to Disability Employment Services helped me to regain my confidence and become more resilient, when I was struggling with what was required of me by other reemployment agencies. Where other agencies would tell me to go look something up on line, which I found stressful because I didn’t know how to use a computer, Flourish Australia assured me ‘you can do this!’ and assisted me to develop basic computer skills. 

Connecting with Flourish Australia was life changing for me. I was seeking alternatives to an unsatisfying job, while at the same time supporting a close friend who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and dealing with my own mental health issues. I wanted to find a way to be employed as carer for my friend, who was dissatisfied with her experience of professional carers. Many had not been willing to support activities she wanted to do, such as getting to the beach.  

We were repeatedly told by employment agencies that this arrangement was not possible.  However, Flourish Australia persisted with supporting me in my quest until we found an agency willing to make this happen! They really go above and beyond to support people to achieve what they want in life. They supported me to get  up to date with all of the necessary training and qualifications and helped me to remain resilient until things turned around.

As a result, I’m thrilled to have found a career path that I excel at, and my friend feels fully supported to live the way she chooses, without limitation. Together, we have moved from discouragement and loneliness to sharing enjoyment as we go about her appointments or I help with her hair. I feel hopeful, I’ve given up drinking and I’m back at the gym. 

A support coordinator works with us to hash out the best ways for me to support my friend and remind me to stay on top of my own wellbeing, including asking for support when I need it.

If I’m going to motivate my friend to do that for herself, it’s important that she sees me walk my talk!

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