Dylan - Through my music I want to help others

I’ve changed so much in my life for the better since connecting with Flourish Australia through Headspace. It’s such a safe space, with clear guidelines for inclusion and respect, that it’s drawn me out of my comfort zone.

An important step for me was moving on from a home environment where my mum was dealing with her own issues, so wasn’t the easiest person to talk to about mine.

These days, when there’s something on my mind, I can be upfront with my Peer Worker, about what’s going on for me.

It’s a bit like a family sometimes, we are all here for one another.

When I’m under pressure, part of me is still drawn to self destructive behaviour but I’ve developed the resilience to say no to addictive behaviours. I overcame the stress of lockdown without self-medicating because I know my life is worth more than that now, and I reach out for support when needed.

When I first visited Flourish Australia and saw that they offered a music group, I couldn’t wait to get an NDIS plan in place so I could join in. It’s the best feeling to grab a mic and join in with a band.

Music helps me to manage my emotions. When I experience anger or frustration, I jot down words and use them to create songs. Rap music gives me an outlet for what I feel and I hope that hearing my songs will inspire other people to make positive changes in their own lives.

With Flourish Australia’s assistance, I secured NDIS funding to also continue with counselling I needed.

Right now, I’m focused on getting my P’s so I can get around for work. I’m set on becoming a mechanic, so I’m putting myself out there for an apprenticeship. Working with cars has been a big part of my life. Before my parents split, Dad and I always tinkered with them together. It’s calming for me. You can scream all you want at a car and it won’t scream back!

I also want to get involved with volunteering where I can share what I’ve learned to help others.

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