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Support Mothers to Support Whole Families

Donna's story: A thread of hope

Women living with a complex mental health issue, and their children, are often forgotten or overlooked by their communities due to their circumstances. 

At Flourish Australia, we know supporting a mother helps a child, and by doing so, we create better communities and a brighter future.

Donna is not just a testament to Flourish Australia's unique program for women and children - she is an example of the resilience and strength we see in women every day.

Mum to Ishmael, Donna slept on a kitchen floor with 22 others in a cramped space before being sent to hospital for five weeks in order to get treatment for depression and PTSD. She was then homeless, afraid, and at risk of losing custody of her then two-year-old son.

"Before the program, I was only hanging by a thread of hope", she says. "I didn't think I had anything left to give my son, but Flourish Australia showed me I could take care of him."

Reflecting on her experience, Donna adds, "I was able to get on top of my issues, learn more about parenting, and most importantly, I didn't lose custody of my son."

"Without this program, I don't know what would have happened." 

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