Family and Carers

We recognise and value the contribution of family and carers to supporting people who access our services.  We understand the importance of providing families and carers with information, support and referral to other services that help them fulfil their role and look after their own health.

Our services work in partnership with the person accessing our services, their family and carers in order to improve outcomes, reduce family and carer stress, and to maintain or re-establish family relationships.

Our work is underpinned by a commitment to the six partnership standards set out in A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR WORKING WITH CARERS OF PEOPLE WITH A MENTAL ILLNESS

To provide opportunity for carers to seek information and support from other carers we partner with Sane Australia to provide easy access to online Carers Forum. You can access the forum from the front page of our website under “Forums” or by clicking here.

Information and support is also available from Mental Health Carers NSW