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Our specialised services

Our comprehensive services are designed to empower people on their recovery journey by supporting them in practical ways, to build their self confidence and skills and access the resources they need, to go after their goals.
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Daily support

We provide practical support for everyday needs, like getting around to appointments, shopping and budgeting, managing medication, or simply having someone to talk to. 


Social support

We show people how to develop new social connections and build community and encourage them to try new things and get involved, so that they become less isolated.

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Accommodation assistance

We support people to find suitable housing and set up a home and can connect them with opportunities to become active in their local community.

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Employment assistance

We provide opportunities for training and bringing skills up to date and can offer meaningful work with one of our community businesses or assist with the transition to open employment.

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Education & training

From on-the-job training to practical parenting courses, we offer a broad spectrum of skills development programs. We can open doors to supported learning networks, vocational studies and further education, or training opportunities with our community businesses.

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Catering for cultural diversity

We approach the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities with respect and sensitivity, and work in close consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and service providers, so that we can connect people with the most appropriate support services for their specific needs.

When you seek support for someone, you can be certain that they will receive the best possible support for their specific needs!

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