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Asking someone if they’re OK

More than two in five Australians experience mental illness at least once during their life, while about 800,000 people are estimated to become seriously ill. R U OK? Day on Thursday, September 14 is a reminder to check in with family, friends or colleagues when you notice they are struggling. 

This year’s theme is “I’m here to hear”. R U OK? Day aims to break down the stigma that traps people in unnecessary silence out of fear they will be judged.  

If you are concerned about someone, it’s important to: 

  1. Ask them if they are OK
  2. Listen to what they say
  3. Encourage the person to take action
  4. Check back in with them

If someone says they’re not OK, keep the conversation going. Be genuine and offer support to help them access appropriate help. Don’t let it be a one-off conversation. If you are struggling, do not suffer in silence. You do not need to wait for the situation to get worse before saying you are not OK. There is no shame in asking for help.  

The team at Flourish Australia specialises in helping those with complex mental health conditions and provides help wraparound support – including employment, housing, peer support and the NDIS – that sets people up for long-term recovery across all aspects of their lives.  

Lifeline 12 11 14  
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467  

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