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Bare your stripes and blow some bubbles to make a difference

Bipolar disorders are more common than you might think. The extreme mood swings can be dismissed as a person ‘simply being emotional’, when actually the waves of mania or depression can totally disrupt their life, impact their a ability to perform the most basic tasks and toll heavily on relationships, often leading to isolation when the person feels overwhelmed by their health challenges. The famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is believed to have suffered Bipolar disorder and World Bipolar Day marks his birthday, on March 30 each year. There are simple ways we can all get involved and make a big difference.

Put it in your diary!

March 30 is a day for connection, outreach and showing solidarity with those living with Bipolar disorder. It’s a world-wide collaboration between The International Society for Bipolar Disorders, the International Bipolar Foundation and the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorders which seeks to  raise awareness of the condition and extend support to people living with it, giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

Learning to recognise symptoms is vital for early intervention which can curb its severity. Bipolar disorder affects each person individually, with physical symptoms ranging from spasms and migraines to metabolic issues. World Bipolar day creates the opportunity for people to connect with others who are experiencing the same difficulties and gain access to resources and treatment options that can be life changing.

So how can you make a difference?

The most powerful thing you can do, day-to-day is be mindful of reaching out, speaking out and stepping out:

1. Reach Out

If someone you know appears to be experiencing extreme mood swings, encourage them to seek a professional assessment.

2. Speak Out

Be ok with talking openly and honestly about it. Recognise there’s no shame in it and that there’s power in sharing our experiences.

3. Step Out

Wearing a black and white striped ribbon on Bipolar Day will show your solidarity. It represents the two extremes of depression and elation and makes a bold statement that you stand with sufferers.

You’ll find plenty of events and other possibilities for making your voice count by visiting where you’ll find information about organising or participating in activities like live webinars, picnics, a morning tea, short video recordings, social media groups and blogs.

Bipolar Australia’s core initiative is Blow Bubbles for Bipolar, injecting some fun into whatever you decide to do. Why bubbles? Because when people with Bipolar become manic they are often perceived as ‘bubbly’ personalities, while watching the bubbles burst reflects the depressive phase of the condition. You can share some awesome bubble snaps from your World Bipolar Day gatherings using the hashtag #WorldBipolarDay and #BipolarBubbles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to show your support.

The more bubbles blown, the more support we show for those on their recovery journey.

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