Here’s to Happy Easter Holidays – let’s make them stress-free and safe

Put just a little more thought and preparation into your Easter plans, to stay safe and spare yourself unnecessary stress.

When the highways are jammed, flights are delayed, and family and friends are scrambling to get to where they’re gathering, the whole Easter experience can start to seem overwhelming. Do yourself a favour and think about what needs to happen to keep your holiday plans simple and safe, so you can relax and enjoy a cracking Easter!

Be kind to yourself

Feeling lonely or isolated? Reach out to someone with a text, phone call or video chat. You’ll find plenty of online groups for offer support and companionship. Don’t put pressure on yourself with the expectation that everything has to be perfect. Keep it simple and focus on having fun.

Think ahead

The last thing you need once you’re overrun with family, or have a gathering to get to, is being stuck in a long line at a supermarket. Set a plan of attack for cleaning up the house , stocking up on groceries, and getting away on time, then stick to it!  When you’re well organised, you’re better equipped to handle any last minute dramas, and can kick-back and enjoy catch-ups.  

Book ahead

Many places are still struggling with capacity and staffing issues. Don’t leave yourself open to disappointment by neglecting to make a venue or tour booking.

Stick to a budget

Stretched finances can be hair-pulling-stressful, so before lashing out on an avalanche of Easter Eggs, decide how much you can comfortably spend, and don’t bust your budget.

Make Preparations

Allow prep-time for epic Easter feasting and you won’t waste precious together time, in the kitchen. Pack travel bags a day or two before your departure. Write a checklist of essentials, like your passport and toothbrush, and be sure to fill any prescriptions you’re going to need over the break. Allow time to test for COVID-19 so you won’t risk passing it on.  

Take COVID-safe precautions

We must all do our part to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our community COVID-safe, and taking steps to minimise the risk of transmission will help to keep any anxiety about it in check.

That means testing before travelling, and doing the right thing by registering your result if its positive, then isolating for 7 days. It’s essential to familiarise yourself with the latest government guidelines and travel restrictions specific to your destination. Limit your exposure to social media on the subject as the content can be alarming and misleading. Always carry your proof of vaccination and be thorough with regular hand washing. It’s a good idea to wear a mask on public transport and wherever there’s a high volume of people.

Travel Happy

Feeling anxious about travelling? Slowing down your breathing is a way of telling your brain to quit stressing. Positive self talk will help you to stay grounded, so remind yourself of all the reasons you decided to travel in the first place, instead of dwelling on that dirty petrol pump you touched. Staying well rested tops the list for coping well with holiday stress in all its forms.

Weather Check

Take care to observe weather warnings. Floods are affecting parts of Australia and consulting the Bureau of Meteorology forecast could prevent your holiday fun ending abruptly.

Keep up healthy habits

Ditching positive everyday habits that keep you healthy and feeling good about yourself, like daily exercise and eating well, will only add to your stress levels. Don’t do it! Stay mindful of giving your wellbeing first place. Walk, ride or kayak out in the fresh air, balance Easter chocolate and sugary drinks with fresh seafood, lean meats and veggies, avoid going overboard with alcohol, and get plenty of sleep. You’ll spring back from Easter completely revitalised!

Take a breather

Set aside daily quiet time away from distractions and refresh yourself for handling all you have planned. Some stargazing, a solitary spot by the water, or soothing music will help clear your mind and restore inner calm before launching back into long weekend celebrations.

However you choose to enjoy it, Flourish Australia wishes you a safe and happy Easter break.

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