Men’s Health Week 2021 

June 14-20 is Men’s Health Week! 

Now in its 19th year, the main aim of the week is to shine a light on some of the unique health issues men and boys face including higher rates of certain cancers, heart disease and risk of suicide. Five men a day take their own lives in Australia, four times the rate of females. Men are also at a higher risk from heart disease, liver disease, and diabetes.  

However, only 30% of a man’s overall is determined by his genetics, with 70% controllable through lifestyle factors. Small lifestyle changes, such as cutting back on alcohol, boosting daily exercise, eating a balanced diet, and getting more sleep can all improve men’s health.  

Men’s Health Week also aims to break down some of the stigmas associated with certain health issues for men and provides a platform for challenging and debating key issues which have an impact on men's wellbeing.  

The focus for this year’s week is on connection, which highlights the importance for men to stay connected socially throughout any health issue, seeking support early when problems arise. 

The week is observed globally and is guided by the principles set out in 2002 at the 2nd World Congress of Men's Health in Austria. These principles are known as the Vienna Men’s Health Declaration. 

The Declaration’s principles are: 

  • Recognising men's health is a critical issue and that there are health issues which only affect men
  • Promoting awareness of men's approach to health
  • Changing the way health care is provided to be more sensitive towards men's needs
  • Creating school and community programs which target boys and young men
  • Connecting health and social policies to better pursue men's health goals

There are several ways you can get involved in the week with a variety of diverse events taking place across every state and territory in Australia which includes free group fitness classes, meditation sessions, health forums and general get together with catered lunches. 

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