Anzac Day 2021

Every year, Australians use Anzac Day not to celebrate war or conflict, but to remember the great sacrifice people make for our nation.  
We remember the Australian women and men who did not return home. We remember those who returned with their lives forever changed. We remember those far from their families and loved ones now, and those helping keep us safe at home in the midst of this health crisis. 

We also should remember the families and loved ones of all our service personnel, as they carry with them the worry and stress of loving someone who must take risks in the course of their service. 

In these difficult times, it is important we still remember them and feel gratitude for those who serve our country in war and in peace. Even if that is just  sharing a moment of quiet contemplation about our shared humanity. 

Please take time to reach out to people who may find this time difficult. At this time some people may want more support.

In commemorating please remember to stay COVID-safe.