Are you a carer? Then the new Mental Health Carer Advocacy Network is for you

A new network to support carers, families, kinship groups, and sector members has been launched as part of the NSW Mental Health Commission's to better include their insights in policy design. 

Carers and those who are involved in the support of someone with a lived experience of mental health have unique insights into how support services and there overall mental health system could work better. Giving them a voice in the development of policy and programs will improve the over all system, and ultimately the wellbeing of our communities.  

The Mental Health Carer Advocacy Network (MHCAN), run by Mental Health Carers NSW (MHCN), will help carers connect with each other for mutual support and also offer ways to develop their skills in care and advocacy.  

It will also establish a database to understand what carers are interested in and be a launching pad for engagement in a range of consultations, training, workshops, co-design, and working groups to improve mental health services in NSW. 

This is part of the Living Well, the Strategic Plan for Mental Health and the NSW Mental Health Commission's Lived Experience Framework (LEF) to include carers, and those they support, in the co-design and co-deliver of mental health services.  

For those interested in finding our more or joining the network, please visit the Mental Health Carers NSW website: