Celebrating together safely 

As we head into the festive season it's important we all stay up to date with the latest health information. Following the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney's Northern Beaches some public health guidelines have been modified for the coming festive season.  

Depending on where you live in the Northern Beaches over the Christmas period there will be different restrictions.  

For people who live north of Narrabeen Bridge and east of the Baha'i temple in Mona Vale you must not have anybody from out of that area in your home. Over the three days from Christmas Eve (24/12/2020) to Boxing Day (26/12/2020) you can have 5 people in your home but they must be from within that region. For people who live in the southern section of the Northern beaches, over that same period you can have 10 people in your home plus children under the age of 12.  

Regardless of where you live in the Northern Beaches you should not be leaving the area except for approved reasons. Please stay at home as much as you can and wear a mask when you're in public. 

Restrictions if you live in Greater Sydney over the Christmas period mean you can only having 10 adult visitors, but an uncapped number of children under the age of 12, at your home.  

Across NSW it is strongly recommended you wear a mask while indoors and wherever you can't be socially distant.  To find out more about the current restrictions in NSW please visit the NSW Health website

For people looking to travel interstate from NSW it is important you check what restrictions on travel there are before you leave home. The situation is changing rapidly and each state and territory have different restrictions on people travelling from Greater Sydney and NSW. 

For some people this has meant their holiday plans are now looking very different. 2020 has been a challenging year and many of us were looking forward to catching up with loved ones. The uncertainty this recent outbreak has caused significant uncertainty and anxiety. Please reach out to people if you are feeling stressed, and remember to check in on other people who might also be upset by this news.

While we may not be able to come together remember there are things we can still do to connect with our loved ones. Technology means even if we can't be there physically we can still be part of the day through video conferencing. Perhaps you can open presents together or share a meal virtually. 

It’s also important to remember the holidays can bring their own stresses, particularly after a challenging year. Maintaining a routine can help. Take out the rubbish, make your bed, do a quick round of laundry or cook a nourishing meal – regular jobs can give a sense of accomplishment and structure to your day. And its important to remember that there are people who may not have many friends or may live alone, or just find this time of year even more difficult. Reaching out and connecting with others can be an important contribution to building community and reducing isolation.

You can find more information from each state here: 

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