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Check in this Men’s Health Week

Men's Health Week is a great time to think about how you, a family member, colleague or mate can take simple steps towards happier, healthier lives. 

Running from June 10 to 16, this year’s theme is Men's Health Checks. Regular health screenings are vital to prevent and intervene early in conditions that disproportionately affect men. 

Key health issues for men

  • Heart disease: This is the leading cause of death among men, but can be prevented through lifestyle changes. Monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine are vital to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Mental health: Stigma and stereotypes can make men less likely to seek help for mental health issues. Talking to someone you trust – whether it be a friend, family member or professional – is important for early intervention in and effective treatment of common conditions like depression and anxiety.
  • Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting men. Early detection through regular screenings can significantly improve treatment outcomes and survival rates.
  • Diabetes: Regular blood sugar checks and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help manage and prevent diabetes.

Steps towards better health

While it can be hard or daunting to know where to start, the journey towards better health can involve small, simple steps.

  • Schedule a comprehensive health check: Book an appointment with a trusted health professional to discuss any mental or physical health concerns or questions. Regular check-ups can help detect potential health issues early and provide peace of mind.
  • Get moving: Regular exercise is key to feeling better both mentally and physically. The key is to find an activity that works for you and start small. This could involve solo activities such as running or swimming. Alternatively, you might find it’s easier to exercise with friends through classes or sporting events.
  • Support men's health organisations: These groups often provide valuable resources, support groups, and educational campaigns to raise awareness and facilitate access to healthcare services for men.

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