Finding a healthy balance with social media

Social media is a great tool. From reconnecting with old friends, to keeping up to date with the latest news, or interacting with services - it's revolutionised the way we stay in touch and consume information. 

But, increasingly we are understanding that our online lives can have a negative impact on our mental health. Whether it's encouraging us to compare ourselves with others, placing too great an emphasis on the approval and validation of others, disconnecting us from real life, keeping us up at night with endless scrolling, or just becoming a very time-consuming habit - for some people social media can stop being a useful connection tool and become unhealthy. 

If you're worried that social media leaves you feeling worse than better there are ways you can moderate your use. It starts with thinking about why you use the platform. Once you've established what you want it for you can curate your own social media feeds so that they offer more hope, positivity and inspiration.  

If you like it for community and sharing your life with others then set boundaries around that - unfollow people who might not be useful to that goal. Perhaps you use it as inspiration for art, focus your feed on artists and their work. If you use it as an information gathering source make sure you're following reliable providers and be mindful of content that triggers strong emotional reactions.  

If you always reach for you phone when you're bored, try and put timer limits for how long you spend on certain apps, perhaps find a podcast or book to distract yourself in a different way, or call a friend directly to find connection. Or you can wean yourself off them by taking extended breaks or deleting the apps from your phone.  

There are also other avenues for finding community, both online and in person. Flourish Australia's sites are open and welcoming visitors if you'd like to join a group activity. Our online Sane Forums are also available to talk with people about shared experiences.  

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