Flourish Australia celebrates World Bipolar Day 

Every year on March 30, World Bipolar Day is celebrated. 

World Bipolar Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of people living with this diagnosis, but also to reduce stigma surrounding bipolar. According to SANE Australia, 1.3% of Australians are living with Bipolar Disorder. It is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, and can cause fluctuations in mood.  

Some people may experience mainly highs, or mainly lows, and others will experience both extreme mood changes. While Bipolar Disorder impacts all people differently, those in recovery live active and meaningful lives.  

However, one of the biggest hurdles to recovery can be the experience of stigma, which in part comes from a lack of public understanding about the disorder. SANE Australia's National Stigma Report Card found the majority of those living with complex mental health issues experienced stigma, and this can make it more difficult for people to seek support.  

By encouraging people to seek support, and educating the public about the diagnosis, we can eliminate social stigma. 

Flourish Australia has a range of supports available to people who live with Bipolar Disorder, as well as their loved ones. This includes supporting SANE Australia's forums, which give people an opportunity to share stories and experiences and support each other. Community-based support is a key pillar in any recovery, and can help people understand themselves and others. One popular post is My Life Partner Has Bipolar ii. 

There are also a range of other online resources and tools available for those wanting to find out more about Bipolar Disorder. For people looking to find out how Flourish Australia can support them, please call 1300 779 270 or chat with us through our website.