Flourish Australia is pleased to progress to the final stage of its COVID-19 transition plan

Can you believe that one year has passed since we started our COVID-19 journey?         

We’re pleased to share the news that all of our sites have now moved to the final stage (stage 4) of our transition plan. What this means is that on-site activities and programs have now resumed across all sites, with COVID-19 management plans in place

It’s wonderful to once again be able to welcome people at our drop-in centres and group sessions. For the safety of our on-site team members and everyone visiting or participating in programs, we must continue to conduct health check-ins. Please continue to stay home if you feel unwell, keep-up good hygiene practices and stick to physical distancing recommendations. 

As we move to stage 4, Flourish Australia wishes to thank everyone connected with us for the positive attitude and flexibility that you have consistently shown as we have done what was necessary to adapt to these challenging times together. For most of us, this year has tested our resilience and kept us on our toes, so it’s important to reflect on all that we have achieved and learned from the experience.

One of the positive things the pandemic brought to light is the goodness of humankind. We’ve seen so many examples of kindness and people caring for one another. Just as every one of us has had to make changes to the way we go about our lives, Flourish Australia made the massive transition to new ways of working and took some tough decisions, in line with our greater purpose, of keeping people safe and healthy.

It’s impossible to know for certain what lies ahead. What we do know is that we are well prepared to make any future adjustments that may become necessary in order to keep providing support to people, wherever they are. 

One of the reasons we are now able to move to stage 4 is the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine as part of the Australian Government's national rollout strategy, which is based on different populations and risks associated with each group. We encourage you to visit this link for the answers to questions such as "am I eligible" and "what should I do before getting vaccinated". 

Remember, we are still living in a pandemic, so it is important for you to carefully consider your choice to roll up your sleeve for the COVID-19. Flourish Australia staff can assist you with accessing the information you need to be able to make an informed decision.

As we all take these important next steps together, Flourish Australia looks to the future with hope.