The intrinsic link between physical and mental health

Australians living with a complex mental health issue are highly likely to experience co-occurring physical health conditions,  those suffering physical health problems will often experience co-occurring mental health conditions. 

Australians living with a complex mental health issue are more likely to suffer from conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, with life expectancy reduced by up to 25 years for people with complex mental health conditions often as a result of poor health outcomes. 

Physical and mental health are intrinsically interconnected, which is why it is critically important that those living with complex mental health issues have access to specialised services such as exercise physiologists and dieticians. 

The Flourish Foundation supports the  Back on Track Health program which provides people using Flourish Australia’s services access to tools they need to take charge of their own physical health needs. 

Removing or diminishing physical health barriers means those who access Flourish Australia’s services can better focus on their mental health recovery journey. 

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