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Look after your mental health this Christmas


This time of year can be as stressful and lonely for many people. The focus on family, friends, food and gifts comes with financial, social and emotional pressure that often be difficult to deal with.

That’s why it is so important to look after our mental health and wellbeing over the Summer. It can be helpful to identify what is likely to be especially challenging, and to make a plan about how you will respond. Here are some tips to maintain your mental health and wellbeing at this time of year.

Identify difficult situations ahead of time

We often know what situations we are likely to find the most stressful or difficult. If you can identify them, it can help to make a plan about how to respond to the situation ahead of time. 

Connect with people

Sometimes when things are difficult, we can withdraw and isolate from others in order to cope. Having a short break from people can help. It can sometimes also help to identify someone you trust, and check in with them regularly about how things are going. That way can stay connected and support each other.

Embrace your emotions

At this time of year we can experience big emotions, and people around us can too. Knowing that can help us plan ahead about how we can manage those situations, and not let them surprise us. 

Maintain your routine

A regular routine can make life a little bit more predictable and less stressful all year round, but particularly at this time of year. Some good self-care, sleep, and maybe even a little gentle exercise, can help us manage the demands of the season more effectively.

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