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Make self-care your New Year’s resolution

Setting goals, and planning how to manage your mental health journey and recovery, can help empower you and keep things on track during difficult periods.

You can talk to your key support worker about a plan for physical, mental and social self-care.

Physical care

Find out what activities you enjoy. It might be yoga, walking or running. Try to incorporate these into your daily routine. Start small with bite-sized goals, such as a short walk each day, and build up to regular exercise. 

It’s important to focus on eating a varied diet with healthy fats, wholegrain carbohydrates, greens and protein. Getting enough sleep each night will also go a long way to helping manage physical health. 

Mental care

Talk to a trust professional about your mental health challenges and goals. Identify stress triggers in your life and ways to manage them. This could involve regular therapy, exercise and mindfulness. Everyone responds to external triggers and treatment differently, so take the time to figure out what works for you. 

Social care

Building meaningful connections with other people can help you feel more engaged, fulfilled and less isolated. Make your social net a priority for self care. This could involve finding group activities to participate in, such as social sports or a book club. Hobbies can also help build meaning and structure into your day-to-day life while fostering connections with others.

It can help to have a physical copy of your self-care plan that you can look at daily. Fill it with things you enjoy to give yourself the best chance of sticking with it. You can also reassess and tweak it as your needs change.

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